Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday ~ Day of Jupiter

Many years ago while searching through books trying to find answers to my questions of this world, I stumbled upon a question that changed how I viewed myself. One question taught me so much about myself that I was amazed.

Earlier this week I received current planetary placements;

"Communicative Mercury, active Mars, and outgoing Jupiter travel together this week in inventive Aquarius".

I looked at that and laughed and said to myself, "one strange duck, traveling really fast, all in your face".

That would sum up that placement and before the day was over I realized that Jupiter had a little more in store than that story. Jupiter rules story telling and Thursday, so it is fitting that this is a Thursday and I have implemented a story telling adventure that will hopefully help people as much as it helped me many years ago.

The question that Jupiter asked of me and I now ask of you;

"What does wealth mean to you?"

In more than 20 words and less than 200, I would like to know how you answer this question...

Enjoy taking a really good look at yourself.

Oh yea, something I forgot to mention everywhere else but here, when Jupiter asked this question of me many years ago I was told that what I honestly felt wealth meant to me that it would be granted to me.

I've had that wealth for all of this time and by what I defined wealthy as I am wealthy. So yes it was granted.

I too will be re-evaluating what I define wealth as, because like everything else, that view has evolved in me as well.

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