Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Goal One *1* Teach myself Belly dancing


Love documentaries, seen one the other night on the documentary channel - omgdds - yes I was so floored and excited that there is a whole channel devoted to documentaries! The documentary was on this guy named Miles Copeland, turns out he was the manager of Sting and Mile's father started the organization that the CIA came from - a real smart guy! Well I didn't catch the beginning where it stated (probably) why he was interested in belly dancing as an art form, but the whole focus was putting together a troupe and tour the world with the best belly dancers alive. Turned out to be 13 individual dancers and I think 8 of them are like mega superstars. I was mesmerized by what I watched, and I am hooked.


I called my mother and thanked her - evidently for the first time - for the nine years she pulled me screaming and kicking (as I was recently reminded), to the dance studio door every week. With ballet, tap and jazz under my belt the basic knowledge of dance is already imprinted on me.

As I sat on the couch for over an hour spell bound by the swirling cloth and rolling abdomens I could actually hear Godsmack's tribal drums bomb bombing in my head, as I heard "I'm not the one who's so far away".... This is me, belly dancing, I have the basics for it and a internal pull towards it - it just feels right!

Went on line, snipped me a dvd off of ebay and awaiting it's arrival. Have studied different styles and will just kinda develop my own and not follow any certain style -yet.

The oldest form of dancing in our world is belly dancing; it is from the Orient; Near East, Middle East, and Far Eastern part of Asia. Tracing its roots to pre recorded history.

Origins of the belly dance are of women preparing for childbirth and men and women alike dancing in honor of the gods/goddesses. Oriental dance makes use of muscles throughout the abdomen, hips and pelvis that, when toned and strengthened, can help make birth easier. For those early, goddess-worshipping societies, it only makes sense that birth would be celebrated as part of the fertility rites.

Examples of the various styles encompassed by the name belly dancing can be found in cultures across the Eastern world, from India to Egypt, from North Africa to Spain, where the development of Flamenco dancing is attributed to the Moorish dancers in the area through the 700s. Even the dances of Polynesia bear striking similarity to Oriental dance.

These styles all have their own cultural and geographical differences, but share elements such as a focus on controlled muscle movement in the abdomen and hips, delicate and deliberate hand motions, and a lack of jumping or movement in a large area.
Belly Dancing can improve your sex life, your overall health and fitness, and better your chances for an easy childbirth. But most important...Belly Dancing will make you a beautiful, more sensuous, and more confident woman!
The undulations and hip movements are specifically targeted to strengthen the pelvic muscles used in childbirth.
Of course these are the same muscles used during intercourse...you get the idea!
You can burn up to 296 Calories an hour belly dancing.

As any dancer will confirm -Belly Dancing transforms women into the goddesses God meant them to be.


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