Sunday, February 24, 2013

Changing gears

My time on facebook is coming to an end, it served it's purpose and I've connected with a lot of friends but now it is time to move on and do new things. Within the next 3 weeks I will be contacting friends and posting messages for anyone interested in following my crews mishaps and good deeds to please bookmark or follow here on Blogger for the time being (if not full time).  I will be posting about animals on the rescue blog (*).

Things have been crazy around here and I let the Beltania Charms website go, not exactly sure what I am going to do with the business at this point, just kinda holding tight to what we have and not spending on extras right now. When the cash flow is at a steadiness that I am comfortable with, the website will go back up but under a new name and maybe with new items added - it is truly like a butterfly going through metamorphosis, so excited for the next phase.

The posts on here will be short and sweet - for the most part.

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