Sunday, March 24, 2013

Busy, busy as a Bee

I stated to myself a while back that I didn't need idle time, that my mind needed to be kept busy so that I may get things accomplished. Oh yea, that's about all it takes to get the proverbial ball bouncing.  Since that utter my life has been basically non stop but not more than I can handle, just not a lot of time left to dwell on unproductive modes of thought - and that is just fine with me. 

My house isn't as clean as I would like, sometimes I have to carry things over to the next day or week because I am only one person and I take on way more than I should - most of the time!  My boyfriend has really been an asset to me here of late, helping out on the things he can, stepping up to help the animals with more than just petting and paying bills (oh yes there is a lot more).

The jewelry has picked up in sales a bit - that always helps the feed bill! Started a new line of Organic CatGrass, available at Gargoyles Animal Rescue ~Olde Shoppe  and at Canines & Felines Marketplace in Greenville, SC!

Working on a line of Organic CatNip and really needing a place to grow my own products and eliminate the middle man - that way more money will go to the animals and I would have better control of the plant quality - though I'm very happy with the lineage I am using now.  Growing good stuff for animals and humans to eat sounds like a decent way to make a rescue work to me. Would like to work on my own Organic line of kitty litter too, that would take access to many acres of Organic corn and my own lab to manufacture and run test on the product. 

Years of on the job training in quality control work at a chemical plant and hands on experience with state of the art nursery practices in big corporation I believe I have the necessary tools to complete my Organic projects with the plants for the animals.

Thankful for my experiences that have led me to this point and my determination that will get me to the next point!

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