Monday, March 4, 2013

Septarian Heart

Purchased this Septarian Heart because I fell in love with it over the internet and when it arrived I was not disappointed, this piece has crystals all through it and is simply amazing.

Absolutely amazing I tell you! This heart measures 1" x 1"! I haven't decided exactly what I am going to do with this half drilled piece - but it will always have a home here with me - because I love it just exactly the way it is!

While the Sun was out yesterday I decided to take out my camera and get some pictures while the most awesome natural light was making an appearance. The following pieces are:

A Gorgeous Sterling Silver set with Rubies. This necklace measures 19" and consists of Rubies in 2 different sizes, Czech crystals and seed beads on sterling silver .925 hook and eye clasp and fishhook earrings.

Then we have the next piece in the Peacock Collection, a 20" necklace with Dragon Vein Agate, huge Lamp-work glass beads, Czech seed beads, silver over copper toggle clasp and fishhook earrings and CRUELTY free Peacock Feathers!!!

This next piece I took a picture of is a special gift for a very special lady, so all I'm going to show right now is the focal bead - a gorgeous blown glass. Don't think she will be getting on a computer so I'll share this glimpse.

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