Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Has had so many mixed emotions for me that I have tried to avoid it year after year. My most awesome boyfriend awakened me with a kiss before leaving for work, and a sweet "Happy Mother's Day". He treats me pretty damn good all year long so I don't expect anything different on this day, I am mother to his furry children, and proudly tuck his own offspring under my wing, but I still don't expect anything.

You see, this year I actually have a Mother's Day, my own son has welcomed me back into his life and that makes this by far the best Mother's Day ever for me. I love both of my children with all of my heart and hope that I'm not the only one to ever know that.

I try hard to not resent, because I don't wear that emotion well, and that is not mine to bare. In time all truths will be known and all actions will be accounted for, in my favor and against. Kinda want justice for all the pain suffered, but could also just move on - so long as I'm not pushed into a corner - if that happens, I will come out swinging and this bitch is a pretty damn good shot! Don't underestimate the power of pain pushed inward - it is stronger than hate, and it will prevail.

At last the word mother isn't synonymous with grief.

A mother was killed almost 30 years ago, two babies were robbed of life with her. This will only make sense if you look at the whole world and not just your place in it. For every action there is an equal reaction, the vibration of pain through control is over. It ends now, with these words typed on this screen to be displayed to the whole wide world. I release all negative energies associated with me.

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