Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tiamat and Her Great Wisdom

Sometimes the Goddesses come to you, sometimes you ask for their guidance.

The year was 2001, the time was Summer, a real good friend Marie and I were planning a trip to New York City. I was getting excited, we would be staying with her family in New Jersey and travel to the city to visit. Shortly before this venture I had worked a spell to my lady Tiamat (don't really know if she appreciates the word lady though). Goddess of Chaos and all that, it is said that She is the beginning of the patriarchal worship, that Her dismemberment is when people started putting reference more so to the masculine influence in our deities. What they forgot is that it is Her body that we all reside, it is from Her essence that we all grow. Without searching for the tote that holds the book that includes the spell cast on a summer day back twelve years ago, I can not tell you exactly what the spell was about, but can tell you that I had done the research needed before casting said spell, know that the spell took and my requests were answered, just not in a normal fashion (as is usually the case when employing magick). The spell would of likely had something to do with money, as I have always seemed to lack in that department, never having enough to take care of everything in my life at once, always having to decide what gets taken care of this day, and putting off till the next what couldn't be taken care of on one day. More than likely it had something to do with my children, because 98.6% of my spells involve them, they just don't know it.

On my birthday - of all days - I was pulled over for speeding back to work after my lunch break, to find out my license was suspended for child support, a situation I had been fighting since 1996, when my first husband used the only means of control he could possibly have on me, and erroneously pursued to my determent, a whole control thing that most people can easily recognize, just not the ones who matter the most. I was arrested and sit in a holding cell, by myself - all I could do was put the Mesopotamian Goddess together with the middle Earth nationality of the officer who was booking me and figure that this had something to do with my spell work, and I was confused. 

My birthday is on September the 4th, I was released later on that day - my finances were ruined though and there was absolutely no way for me to afford the trip planned with my friend, on this note she too gave up on the trip, for she didn't want to travel alone. Three days later, on the day we were suppose to be leaving we sat on her front porch and talked about all that had transpired, trying to make sense of it all, it was a somber experience. That was a Friday, the 7th, another anniversary day, but not one I celebrate. The weekend came and went and Monday was back to work, which was a bit odd because I wasn't suppose to be there, I was suppose to be in New York enjoying the sites - that day - the previous day - and the next day, all were going to be in New York seeing most of the sights anyone goes to New York for. 

Still shaking my head from all that had happened, and wondering what it was all about, my curiosity was laid to rest the very next day... September 11th, 2001.

Now I understand the reasoning behind my incarceration, not because I was a bad person and deserved to be punished, by anyone, much less a man who said I owed him when he had taken everything that meant a damn to me - away. But because once again the Universe said I have a purpose, and I am worthy of life, Tiamat stepped in (upon my request), and created chaos in my life - that prevented me from being somewhere where I could of been harmed, or killed. And for that I thank Heaven and Earth for non-answered spells (or answered in a different way), for knowing a bit more than me, and caring enough to do the unthinkable in order to preserve life - my life.

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