Friday, October 25, 2013

All I wanted was a hot meal

All day long I was hungry, more so than normal. Being a vegetarian has its perks and drawbacks, the drawback is noted when extreme energy is needed from the body. Protein is a factor - don't let anyone tell you different. Where as a meat eater gets enough protein in one meal for a whole day, a vegetarian must munch or as I like to call it 'graze' all day long. I need 4 to 5 small meals or snacks throughout the day to maintain my level of energy output. This move is draining a bit more on the ole body than I even dared to consider.

Good gosh o' mighty, my poor ole body and mind are tired, we've been beat the fuck up time after time after time. *Damn it man back the fuck up off of this person, she has suffered enough already.*  Poisoned from before birth and it only gets better from there on out and that is sarcasm.

I honestly believe this bit of life is a lesson for someone else (the part where we actually do not have a roof over our head), I was kicking and screaming all the way to homelessness - it is someone else who seems to be in a fog... I had options on my own, I could of left, I could of... but my choice was to work this relationship and situation out - vs running away. I know I can do that, let's see if I have the moxie to stick it out and make it work.

Day 3 - let's get this show on the road.
For sale 2001 Victory 92 cubic inch Deluxe Cruiser. Daily driver. Custom pinstripe, Arlen Ness grips, passenger and driver floorboards, heel/toe shifter, highway bar and pegs, passenger seat and backrest, windshield with lowers and saddlebags. $3950.00 firm. 864-534-3564.

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