Thursday, October 24, 2013

Be respectful Be Kind

Well just when you start feeling a little bit cocky in life - you will be brought down a peg or two for whatever reason... maybe not even for anything you directly caused.
There is no sense in dissecting every little aspect... it is what it is and we progress on the best way we can. Hold your head up, stiffen your back and place one foot in front of the other. That is all anyone can do - right?!

Since the boyfriend lost his job last year things have been going down hill. I sustained us for as long as I could and we managed to get his knee operated on so that he could work again and as soon as the doc released him he did just that, but we were already in bad shape and haven't been able to recover.

A series of events took place that put some strain on already taxed wallets - but hell ya know - sometimes you just have to go with your heart - ya know.

Art, all of our animals and myself have a roof over our head till Monday,  not any food for us and some food for animals and a half a tank of gas.  We received a letter on intent to evict, we have a lease that clearly states upon failure to pay (5 days), can be ordered to evict immediately.  I've researched this law in SC, they are within their legal right to order us off. 79% of our property is secured in a storage unit, still have a few items left to get out.

Art and I have been working our arses off for many days straight now. Last night I slept in a real bed up off the ground and that was nice. Usually I have issues trying to fall asleep - I found the cure - exhaustion.

We have considered camping, but that isn't feasible with my fibromyalgia and the cold weather,  plus my critters would be viewed as fat little morsels to the local wildlife.

I have no idea of how to proceed,  it took everything I could muster to get us here.

*took a serious blow to the ole noggin at the beginning of the move and haven't recovered yet - so should of went to the ER - but don't like making more debt - and I wasn't thinking very clear.*

What I can say is that the animals are safe - maybe not completely sound... but safe - they are.

Not everyone sees me, and that is okay, I don't have to be in the spotlight - not after any ridiculing, not desiring anyone's sympathy. But maybe a little understanding,  maybe a word of encouragement,  maybe some help.

If anyone can help us out it would be greatly appreciated.

The store my gemstone jewelry is at is moving and I've got to collect - will take quick pix and post them later on today.

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