Friday, November 29, 2013

Brrr it's cold in them there mountains

Gee whiz, don't like cold weather, it is really hard on my fibromyalgia distressed muscles. When my body senses the cold or even when it is in a stressful situation and gets a little bit cold (same thing to me), it feels like my body is just going to break, that I will just start breaking like ice and continue until there is nothing left but pain, there will always be the pain - even after life is snuffed out there will be that sphere of pain. Trying my damnest to make that sphere of pain disappear - can pull off some small feats of magick, but haven't been able to manifest a pain-free life - at least not yet.

Kinda had a little break down recently, have a wee bit much on the ole plate and didn't feel as if I was getting the help I needed. Plus I had a deadline looming over me and I really didn't see how I was going to fulfill all of my agenda and well that really pissed me off. Document filed in time, must of responded by December 1st, 2013 and it is guaranteed delivery to them at 3:00 p.m. today (11\29\2013), - so response made. This one article on my agenda was kinda like the most important, it determines my future, it defines my past. It is but a drop in the bucket, and I am not even giving a rat's arse to the $$ involved - I just want the acknowledgment from them that they knew and could of done something to prevent - but didn't.

So with that done I need to focus on the place we call home, Art calls it the sanctuary, I've played around with a couple of different names - in Latin - of course - and nothing is really sticking out to me. It snowed here two days ago. Started off as little tiny hail pieces and before you knew it it looked like a small blizzard coming down. Some did stick but it didn't last past the Sun's warmth and only a small remnant can be seen now. But it was enough to remind me that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and need to make ready all of our resources to survive our first winter in the Appalachian Mountains.

It is time to install the gas tank and hook up the gas heater that we have, all we need is a connector - can get that today and have gas hooked up tomorrow and that will be nice.

Next up - kitchen plumping!

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