Sunday, November 10, 2013

No NyQuil Needed!

Use to take a nip of NyQuil in the evening before bed and the combination of thick syrup soothing my throat and the slight alcohol factor enabled a good nights sleep.

When I visited my most amazing son I left it there along with collected rocks and my much beloved hiking boots so as to stay under weight for baggage check on the plane ride home.

Haven't needed the first bit since my return home.

Our new home is all the NyQuil I will ever need I do believe.

We finished the digging the trench and inspecting the line, found one weak spot - caused one weak one. Hey it happens!

60 feet up a hill, anywhere from 16" - 20" down into some of the nastiest stewardship of Earth I have ever seen.

Broken glass, car parts, old foot wear, whole bottles, porcelain pieces, cans, bricks, pieces of asphalt, rocks... oh my goodness.

Such nastiness,  every hole I dig in this yard I have three piles besides the dirt - bricks, rocks, and trash.

The rocks will be used for landscaping purposes,  the brick as fill material and the trash will be disposed of properly.

I'm not playing - that shit don't cut it with me. Things will be done correctly,  not half arsed or just barely within code. Quite sure my code is higher than any government agency.

Georgia went trampling her butt into the nasty arse pond - had to give her a cold water dawn bath on the porch and still didn't get her clean.

The pond will be sectioned off - the girls or anything else doesn't need to associate with that pond.

Was warm enough for bees and wasps to be a buzz. We saw where the bees are nesting in a Black Walnut tree. A joke was made about free honey - aw we know what I feel about anything free - no such creature. 

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