Monday, December 9, 2013

Hydrangea Rooted Cuttings

My view of death is different than mainstream society and may conflict severely with the everyday Joe's view so much that I don't usually bring up the subject of death and rebirth or reincarnation, but when it comes to plants one gets a bit of a Large area of grey.  Now I've got those that read this blog going WTH and with great understanding but keep up it all ties together with the subject & photos added.

I call myself morbid at times, but when it came time to move from our home in Greenville, SC I couldn't bring myself to dig up my buried animals (as I've never been able to), and always try to bring a plant that may of gathered nourishment of life from the decaying matter that was my buried friends. My Jasmine has traveled many states and is the embodiment of my beloved Harley - a Rottweiler friend in Georgia that suffered some of the worst from my divorce of the second husband.

And so I would again attempt to bring the plant that nourished life from the same ground I laid my best bud in the whole world - Insane, and his brother; my beloved familiar - BA. This time the plant is a Hydrangea but it is not in a position to be dug up out of the ground - for to do so would no doubt would exposed the bones of my friends and I'm not doing that! So I do the next best thing that I can - I cut some new growth off, only a few pieces - never be greedy - only take just what you think you can take care of.

These poor cuttings, four in total are put thru hell and back. The went from the correct temp in a refrigerator to what ever the temp in the micro fridge at the motel and we were there for a whole week, to a cooler with ice at the new house for two more weeks to in soil. Watering on a daily basis and keeping under light for 8 - 12 hrs a day for two weeks and I decided to check progress tonight - glad I did.

The first cutting I pulled up out of the three to make it to this stage is in bad shape - no roots - period and when I get to looking real good I see something move - what! So I take off the 'seeing past my nose' glasses to get the very best up close look I could get and the best guess I have is that it is a slug larvae. Not positive and going to ask some people as soon as I can but I don't know if I have lost all hope with that one cutting but I cut the damaged part until I found some healthy material though it did look a bit woody to me - we will see - and I placed it back into the sacred vessel of the shell of healing - or in other words - a shell on the window sill. I will give it a day or two and see what we have, it will either live or it will die - I will give it every possibility I can to live and thrive.

The other two are success and are looking very good and I am so happy with them. I didn't remove any dirt that was around the roots but I did take some pictures of the awesome root system on them (what can be seen through the dirt). They have been put back into the soil - but only after a treatment of Diatomaceaous Earth to stop any slug larvae attack on these healthy cuttings. If I only get these two to live I will be okay with that, it would be fitting - two cats went in the ground closest to the Hydrangea, many more animals near by the area. Two lives for two lives, seems fair in the realm of natural energy reincarnation.

Another pot that had some seeds trying to start was dumped and mildew was discovered on the bottom of the soil and that is a big fat problem for every plant and pot that I have in that whole area.

Tomorrow I have to dump all the soil, remove as much mildew as I can and then mix Diatomaceaous Earth with the rest of the soil as a treatment. The pots must be cleaned and sterilized before the treated potting soil can be placed back in the pots and we can start over - hopefully I will be able to stave off any further damage and now know why I am not able to germinate seeds. I have to be able to control the environment a little bit better. I have the room to do this now and will take full advantage of that.

The organic wheat grass is now green and has locked roots, will take pix of them soon and post, thought about starting another container but this one should last us a couple of months so we won't waste. The next time I do one up I will post about it - it is super simple and the benefits are so 10 X worth the effort!!!

Hydrangea Rooted Cuttings 2 weeks old.

Good Hydrangea Rotted Cuttings cut late October

Good Hydrangea Rooted Cuttings

Hydrangea cutting that has suffered damage to a critter - trying again to root it.
Slug larvae - maybe (left end)

Slug larvae - maybe (left end)

Slug larvae - maybe (front)


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