Friday, February 21, 2014

The Pig

"Just because you care about your animal friend does not instill personality, does not make this one animal any more important than any other".  "They are ALL important, they ALL matter"!

The words just came out, like there was another being deep inside of me and they just had to get the words out of me (us). I knew I said them, I knew they came from my mouth, but they still took me by surprise. I, she, whomever wasn't talking to me because I know this. It is a message that needed to be said to the world at whole.

Read a post on facebook this morning of a local school abusing very cruelly a young pig in a school assembly. How teachers made young students feel ashamed that they 'felt' for this pig and could not bare to watch the grisly scene.

This goes directly to my soul, this is my life's work ahead of me - I must make a difference in how people view animals and their suffering - people must be made aware of what they do -  no more dumbing down of society folks.  We are responsible for the energy we bring and leave, we are not alone, we are not 'special' or above any other species here on Earth (or elsewhere in the galaxies). We have a job, we are a part of a whole (not apart). If we don't get our heads up out of our arses (or out of the sand), and get this shit right we are all in for a real big hurting. We have a chance, we can change the outcome. It isn't up to just a select few - it will take a democratic approach - the majority rules. Does the majority rule us out as a species or do we continue to evolve...

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