Monday, February 10, 2014

So that's not going to work

eBay offers you to have 50 items up on their website for Free each month (no insertion fees). Good drawl, I'll admit and I took that bait - hook, line, and sinker.

This morning I am taking a break from ending the rest of my listings on eBay and the ones I can't end I am making sure they do NOT relist.

I haven't done a complete tally to all the charges imposed by eBay and their sister company PayPal. But just to give you an example:

A listing for Citrine Nugget Gemstones was listed for .99 and Free Shipping. It sold for .99, with one (1) bid and that is the chance you take, but if you have ever listed items on eBay there is that chance, it is called a snipe - getting an item at it's low, low start price right before the listing ends. But we will use this listing - just for example.

.99 - PayPal transaction fee of .33 = .66
.66 - eBay seller fee of .10 = .56
.49 - USPS postage stamp for First Class mail = .07
.01 - envelope and packaging materials = .06
.06 = total profit 

Not planning my vacation to Jamaica just yet...

But seriously this is not going to work, have to find another way to sell these items - eBay and PayPal are not going to work. To think of all the times I would NOT use the Friends and Family option on PayPal, because I felt as if I was being dishonest - which it was - but hell - at the prices they charge I can say this person is a friend I haven't met yet. O-o

Ole Merc is in retrograde and while the trickster is in our midst I need to have a chat with him and see what kind of insight he might have.

As for the Citrine Gemstones, I guess I can take some comfort in knowing that when these stones were purchased for a commissioned piece - the profit was made in that transaction. These stones were left over from that piece. So I am to the good a few pennies and learned that in order to make any real profit from the selling of this inventory I will have to look else wheres than eBay or PayPal.

less than a penny each

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