Friday, February 28, 2014

The Seer

Prophetic dreams are my specialty, it has taken me many years to record my dreams and decode the symbolism associated with them. Through this divine knowledge I have averted trouble, healed souls, and helped many people. This ability \ gift \ curse is not mine alone - I share my particular gift with some friends and family - we have been able to move in and out of dreams - not at will so much yet, but it is cool to acknowledge someone in a dream and know there is a stronger connection than just a thought. Others have this gift too - no doubt, there are at least a thousand books published on the subject.

If you have ever seen Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, the scene where Sally (Sandra), is driving Angelov's car and Gillian (Nicole) leans forward into the rear view mirror and speaks to her sister - without anyone else hearing or knowing of the conversation (Angelov - in this case).

That is exactly what this form of dream work feels like.

Talked to me moms just a bit ago and of course you know she has this ability - very constricted by her - but the well is her now - she is the oldest living female of her clan, she is the source. She knew I would be able to decipher a dream she just awoke from (perfect timing on my part). I wrote down the words she was saying and analytically I started deducing the common triggers of everyone's dreams but my instinctual self was saying "nonononononono", just like that video of the cat.

I backed up from my paper and the conversation - a bit too long - as I heard my mom calling my name and knew she would hang up if not responded to quickly. I got it - just that quick and relayed back to her what her dream was telling her. It affected me so much that the dam I've built in my eyes broke and the tears poured down my face.

The dream: "Barbara, my younger sister was a dying woman, she knew her death was around the corner. She approached me with a 4 year old daughter that looked just like her when she was a child of the same age. She asked me to take care of her, since she wasn't going to be here and then she was gone".

At first I was rambling on about reincarnation and in 'not necessarily'... when the whole cats started fighting... "nononononono" and my intuition took over.

It was Mark, Barbara's son who just passed away (Barbara passed 3 years ago), not a daughter - but I remember when Mark was 4 years old - he did look like a little girl, sorry dude - it is the truth. Barbara is asking for help with getting her son's remains taken care of and maybe his soul too.

Everyone tried to put it off on my mom - who is not in any position to do any of the running around required to obtain certificates, assistance from government agencies, etc. The actual responsibility falls upon my Uncle Jim who is Mark's adopted father, and who has transportation and NOT restricted to mobility aids.

We are currently trying to figure out how we can fulfill her request.

Wasn't exactly my favorite cousin, but I love his mom very much, for her...

(did have one of those 'no no no no' cats off of YouTube videos posted here - removed it because the cat is clearly upset, why the hell anyone would torture their friend to get a video is beyond my reasoning and not allowed on my blog)

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