Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Animal Lover - the real kind.

A real animal lover actually loves animals in their life... not their death - if you partake in consuming the flesh\muscle\organ of an animal you are not an animal lover. So you love your cat\dog\bird\horse, but eat pig, chicken, and beef - then you are a speciest - because you pick and choose which animals you say are worthy of your love, worthy of your respect, worthy of life.

My decision to jump off the killing wagon during the Winter Solstice of 2012 was purely for the animals - maybe why it made the transition easier for me. It occurred to me that I could not look any one of these animals in the eye and say that my desire to consume was more important than their life. I know the horrors of the slaughter house, I have witnessed this first hand. I have cut the hide away from their still steaming frame. So I feel that I have gone the full gauntlet, I've seen how it is done, hell I've done it and I'm a full recipient of the pain and misery a butchered carcass can carry over to its consumer.

Firmly believe in the essence of life following a course, when that course is interrupted or murdered it causes a rift.      [the degree of suffering determines the degree of rift]
 When you consume dead decaying matter that was violently took from this world, when that life force was fed horrible chemical laden food that caused it sickness in life so that it could be fattened quicker than Naturally possible - the energy flow is tainted - to say the least.

Think back to Johnny Reb, my dear friend (shares  return with a most awesome ♓ up north), back in the late 90's I was feeding him one of the most popular feed choices for my area, one of the cheapest too, now I know why - it included GMO corn. How do I know - Rebel had to have a squamous cell carcinoma removed from his groin area. That is my fact and confirmation. GMO corn is what is being fed to the livestock used in human food consumption - so guess what - yep - the person who consumes that gets the same squamous cell carcinoma into them but maybe it just manifests itself as say extreme allergies (which is probably blocks in your own immune system), or maybe fibromyalgia, or diabetes, or heart disease, or circulatory issues - do you see yet...

It is a vicious circle started in the act of influencing your desires to the determinant of others.

My reasons were pure, it had nothing to do with my health but my health is exactly what I received - or should I say - what I am receiving because I'm not healthy yet. Considering where I was to where I am at now is a huge improvement but I have a very long way to go.

I'm not done with the adjusting of my diet and lifestyle choices either, I continue to grow and some withdrawal and then grow some more - that is the way it is with me, a watery tide that flows in and out like breathing.

Yes I will share the joys of my cruelty-free life in hopes that it will save more of my animal friends - I can't do anything about your karma - that is your to deal with, have a good day and an even better night!

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