Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Who gets the pickle...

Have a few items up on eBay - with all of the fees imposed I am not making a lot of money - hell - hardly making any. So why do I go through all of the bother to make only a few dimes...

... it is really quite simple. Pickles.

Not everyone will know what that means, hell - only a few people will understand with that one word.
For everyone else:

Pickles are extras that are thrown into a deal to make you think back upon your experience as a good one.

Can't simplify it anymore than that. The word comes from a video I watched when I went to work for O'Reilly Auto Parts and it was about a restaurant - so if you want to know more - check out the website:

With every sale I'm given the chance to make someone happy they decided to purchase with my business. I do my best to achieve that goal. Sometimes I take a loss, sometimes I make out sweet - in the end - hopefully the reputation of my business will be compassionate, sound, responsible, profitable, and successfully passed down to another generation.

Seems like I've been tossing pickles for a long while, absolutely know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will always be giving out pickles. 

When my father was a child growing up in the mountains of West Virginia, he ate a whole barrel of pickles. An act that made him real, real sick for a good long while. He would tell me that story and make the worst face you could possibly imagine, hell I could almost see him turning greenish just from him recalling that memory.

So maybe in my mind I am trying to keep anyone from getting sick - give them pickles away - don't hoard them, ya know. That's my philosophy anyway.

Even though the brain is damaged, even though I am quite positive I do not think like the majority of people, I believe I get shit right in the strangest of ways. Being greedy is a sin, hoarding is a sickness - I'm just taking care of two items with one check mark (versus the other saying that involves the death of my feathered friends). In the process of this I honor my father's memory in a good way. 

If you get a chance to check out the items on eBay , if you would be so kind to share with your friends, family, and coworkers that would be greatly appreciated.

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