Monday, April 14, 2014

Oh My!

For those who are going to look at this and say "WTF", I understand... and you are many. There are a few that can look at this and read what I can read.

For those - do you see all those squares - that means it wasn't easy - that means there was many hardships in the accumulation of this that is sought after.

For those who can read and understand - do you understand 7 trines!!! With a (get this) - Grand Water Trine - like wa! With an ascendant on Jupiter in Cancer - might be a very special day for all them Native Jupiter Crabs... mmmm

For those who don't even care what that funny looking thing is - that is okay too - it just means that something is coming from this landmark case that should have some quaking in their damn boots!!!

Hell, I'm blown away by this chart and I'm completely affected with this event - thank goodness!

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