Thursday, May 15, 2014

Best damn veggie burger!

I do believe I have tried almost every brand and close to every variety of vegetable patties on the market and have only found one that I like. Not putting in a plug for them so onto my own adventure in making these nutritious entrees for my meals.

Once before I did the research on making them, studied cooking websites, recipe websites, blogs and social media until I was blue in the face and decided to just go with the store bought kind that I like. This time it is different, this time I really don't have an option, if I want to eat this coming week I had better come up with a doable recipe and quick I needed to head to the store before too much longer. So into my second wave of research on the veggie burgers and I came across one that had potato as the main ingredient and I was all like whoa - I love potatoes and I have several organic ones going to waste if they aren't used soon.

Now, I'm not real keen on sticking to a recipe, not that I'm trying to buck the cooking world system or anything - just usually you end up short an ingredient when you try too hard, or if by chance you have everything that is needed something else could possibly make all your efforts a total waste. So I've learned to compromise and substitute if possible and know what I can do without and still get desirable results, guess that is what you call wisdom, you can pass it down but if you haven't established your own you could be stuck up a creek without a paddle. So best to develop your own wisdom and make your own creations in the kitchen.

That is exactly what I did, you will not find my recipe ingredient for ingredient anywhere else on the web or in print. This is my little diddy and it is real, real good so I share with everyone and encourage you to teak this into your own by adding ingredients only you will like.

This is an Ova Vegetarian Recipe, contains eggs. For an Ova-lacto version add a slice of cheese during the last minute of warming or cooking of patties.

Veggie Burger Recipe
Makes 5 patties
20 minute prep time
10 minute cook time
Potato baked in microwave (mash in bowl after cooking)
Add 2 – 3 diced Portabella button mushrooms and apx 1\3 cup of diced onions
Left over beans (this instance I had apx 1\2 cup of Great Northern Beans)
1 whole raw egg
3\4 cup vegetable broth (1\4th of a cup used in mashed potatoes)
Whole cracked peppercorn
Garlic powder
Seasoning salt
1 cup seasoned stuffing bread crumbs
Mix potato, beans, mushrooms, onions, egg, seasonings and vegetable broth in bowl thoroughly, mash if desired, add bread crumbs and immediately make into patties, using all purpose flour to lightly coat the flat sides of the burger. Place in hot olive oil in frying pan on medium heat browning both sides of the patty. Apx 3 – 4 minutes each side. Remove and place on paper towel.  Place patties in air tight container and refrigerate, warming for consumption. Should keep up to 5 days no problem. If you wanted to make the base of the recipe up in advance and fry as needed instead of having patties ready I would not add the bread crumbs and majority of vegetable broth until right before cooking to keep from getting mushy and not frying well. These patties liken to Salmon Patties – if you ever made them. Absolutely delicious, I will not be purchasing any more store bought ones from here on out.

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