Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hay, Hay, the gangs all here... or something like that...

Working on our second raised garden bed, had to stop for the evening and realized really early on that I should of waited another day (at least), for the temps inside the bales were very high and it is not breaking apart as easily as it did the first time. So probably one more day would of made it easier and another day would of made as easy as the first time.

Absolutely love the way the bales look when I remove the black tarp, I know that can't be good - it is crystallizing - that is some serious chemical reactions taking place and this time I didn't use any fertilizer, and that may be another reason it isn't ready yet. Wanted to save the last bit of fertilizer for feeding the plants. Need another bag or 2 of potting soil for this bale and my big pot I'm fixing to set up. Then like 6 more bales of straw for the last of the plants that have just recently came up - some more cukes and the squash, plus radishes and more morning glories.

Planting one of the potatoes in the first set of bales and the other potato in either this set I'm working on now or the big pot (after it is sanitized). Only one small tomato plant looks to of made it through the last downfall out of nowhere that caught the seedling tray in a vulnerable position. Am I really going to have to purchase some plants from someone - am I going to be able to find some Organic plants... Maybe I will try the Greenville Farmer's Market, have seen them there in the past.

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