Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Since moving to foothills of the Appalachian Mountains I have caught glimpses of a native animal I've only seen in captivity once or twice. This elusive creature when I first seen one on the side of the road made me think of a hamster on steroids. They are fascinating to me, but I don't go searching out wild animals, I leave them be - until they happen to come upon me. And lo and behold after 9 months of mountainous living I can now say one has came to visit me. Luckily I seen the young tyke before the dogs, heck I was so smooth in the act of getting them back into the house without them even knowing it was there.

We were heading out for our lunch walk (off leash), and even had Beltania and Phoebe joining us. When we stepped into the road I looked to see if the other dog walker was out, but as my gaze fell back to the road something caught my eye. At first I thought bunny and immediately started turning the dogs in the opposite direction when something just didn't seem right about this really, really short ear bunny that was not a normal bunny color. It hit me like a bolt of lightening and I was so excited. How I got the dogs in so well is still a mystery but I did and fetched my camera.

I'm adding the pictures as I took them and the last one is when Phoebe seen the critter and took off after it, I felt as if it would tear her up and I don't condone them hunting so I called her off - how many people do you know who can call off a feral cat on the hunt - yea - I'm special.

I talked to the critter, tried to inform him\her that I meant it no harm but the field it was in was a dangerous place in my opinion, as I'd seen a feral dog carrying off a squirrel it killed just last week. I could tell by the size that this was a young animal.

This animal is a Groundhog or better known by me as a Woodchuck, I believe they are considered rodents and I even told this critter that it reminded me of a beaver in its looks, which I have seen in the wild both up north and down south.

After I pulled Phoebe back one time and the critter got away into its underground burrow her and Beltania was all over the area sniffing - trying hard to figure out what that smell was and what the heck was that furry lowrider.

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