Monday, January 5, 2015

Laughing my arse off (rolling on the floor)

I have laughed so hard my sides hurt.

Fixed my mid day meal and that inspired my best friend to cook something for her and her husband. My choice was 'cheese eggs and toast', so she went with 'grilled cheese'. All was going well, I finished my meal and came back out into the living room where her husband was taking his first bite out of the sandwich prepared for him, when he laid the grilled bread slices apart from each other and showed his wife, making a comment about there not being any cheese on his sandwich. She grilled him two pieces of bread and neglected to add the cheese.

Amazing what will bring tears to my eyes. I am just so thankful that she found the humor in that as well. I would of hated to laugh all by myself.

Grilled Sandwich!

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