Monday, February 2, 2015

Horses & Best Friends, now that's what I'm talking about!

November 2014, I called one of my BFFs and cried to her via the phone, begging her to come get Beltania - the cat she gifted to me the year my daddy died - 2005. I was in dire straits and had no clue what was fixing to transpire in my world, but I had to know at least Belle would be safe, that she would be taken care of. My friend said of course, but didn't have reliable transportation for the trip and then we got deeper into what was going on. My boyfriend of 10 years had been doing some really stupid things for the past 2 years and now we were fixing to be homeless, we were already vehicle-less, basically moneyless. I had broke up with him back in February of 2014 but neither of us could afford to walk our separate ways and there were 9 animals in my private rescue - some of which he brought into the picture.

Most of these animals were hard cases, not easy to place in new homes, they are all my babies and I couldn't drop them off at a shelter - especially right before the holidays when so many people dump their older animals in favor of getting new puppies and kittens for gifts (ignorance abounds in all corners of our globe), which creates a bad situation for all shelter animals and way too many are murdered to make room.

How blessed am I in the friend department? Well if measured in gold then Fort Knocks couldn't hold what I possess. My most awesome friend opened up her home to me and all 9 animals. Not only did she do that but she organized a major move operation and had someone come from Savannah to Landrum, SC (on the north western state line by NC in the mountains), allow me to load all my animals into his truck, took me to Greenville, SC to get what I could of my items in a storage unit and drive me back to Savannah for only the diesel fuel it took for the trip (not much).

She gave me a room in her home, allowed me use of her storage shed, and paid for my Rx and fed me and the critters. More friends and family chipped in and made the whole situation a bit more bearable. I thank them all, amazing peeps I tell you AMAZING!!!

Today was my friend's day off from work and all she wanted to do was spend a little time with her horse. So we did just that, she didn't want to ride, just take him for a walk and let him graze. I grabbed up my camera and away we went. The batteries didn't last as long as I would of liked them too, but that was on me - have rechargeable batteries and I didn't have them charged.

There is a horse where she keeps her horse that I have a liking to, he is spirited (right up my alley), and the owner is hesitant about letting anyone else get hurt from falling off of him. They weren't expert riders (even rusty and out of practice by 10 years, my level of horsemanship is still considered expert). But I understand the man's hesitancy, he would like me to show him I can handle his high spirited Tennessee Walker by having me work with his Quarter Horse, okay so no problem, when the weather is a little bit more tolerable for my fibromyalgia I will be doing whatever it takes to start working with Diamond (TWH), and have a merry good time getting to know Jack (QH).

The pinto - black and white horse is the other part of the package deal that was given to my friend a couple of years ago, she gifted him to another woman, but if the horse has to be re-homed he goes back to Lisa, the horses are bonded. The bay belongs to another person and is a mare, the last time we were out there I brought her belly to Lisa's attention - that mare might be in foal.

Lisa and Tracy

She calls him her puppy...









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