Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Finding center again

Every horse crazed girl (woman), knows that the very best thing for anything that ails you is a horse. Its true, there is just something about the outside of a horse that can make everything right on the inside.

Diamond and I seem to of hit it off just fine, he tried to see if I was a pushover, which I'm not so he was like 'oh, okay', and that was the end of that. A sweet and very big guy, he just wants someone to know he matters - not tell him what they want - but ask what he would like. He really liked being told how magnificent he is. He really liked the attention and the grooming, he welcomed me back - that felt good.

I believe each day will be a little bit better than the day before and in no time I will be productive and happy thru and thru. Just needed to find my point of center so I could start radiating to my better attunement.

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