Monday, April 13, 2015

"Belong to no man (woman or child)"

Excerpt from Marz and Nono Minor "The American Indian Craft Book".

In the Introduction section:

The general basic philosophy of the American Indian embraced all of nature. No man owns the land, it belongs to the Great Spirit and his children. Those who use the land must keep it clean and beautiful for those who will come after. No man owns the woods or the forest, the waters and rivers, the soil or the earth. It belongs to all. Wild plants, trees, flowers, all belong to the Great Spirit and man must take care of them for him. No man owns the game and the animals, the fish in the waters, and he must take only what is needed. All who are old and sick or helpless have the right of protection of the tribe. All children, regardless of birth, have a place in the tribe.

It must be that Native American Indian blood that courses thru my own veins that has molded my view of companion animals not being objects to hold price tags. I really thought it came from my disdain for slavery of any creature. Could be both I guess.

Their value (animals), is in our hearts and not our wallets.

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