Sunday, December 6, 2015


The woman that gave birth to me is just as foreign to me as the children I gave birth to. My children call me a horrible mother and honestly I can say the same about my own mom - how far from the tree does the fruit fall?

There are times that I feel a closeness to the woman who bore me for 9 months and then as quick as it happens she will do something to throw our relationship out the window.

I really wish that she would change her attitude and her beliefs, but that's not going to happen in this lifetime, she is locked into her behavior, she will never become the person I need her to be.

When I was a child of eleven years I refused to go back to live with her, I was determined to live with my dad - and I did. My father was my custodial parent from then until I hitched up with Duane Senior. Though I have a spot in my heart for my mother we still are not close and probably never will be.

I'm not going to run her down - here or anywhere else. We don't get to pick our parents (according to some theories), but we do get to pick whether we are hurtful or not. If you don't have anything good to say...

I will state some of the things that I do love about her:

  • She can save money like nobody's business.
  • She has a kindness inside of her - buried deep - but there.
  • In her younger years she was constantly improving her base knowledge and has many certificates and a few degrees under her belt.
  • Before she married my dad and until she became pregnant with me she was drop dead gorgeous, petite with jet black hair (so black it looked blue), & beautiful blue eyes.
  • She was the only child of 6 delivered by her grandmother - a well known Native American Indian Herb Healer, who traversed a mountain top in the middle of a blizzard on her trusty steed.
  • She's more than a bit 'touched', yes I like that, I am too!
  • She is a speciest, but the love she has for kitties and birds (minus chickens), is genuine.

I actually called her and talked to her about this blog, which I believe unsettled her, good I like to throw her off course sometimes.

Momma and daddy holding a cousin in front of grandpa's shop.

Momma and daddy holding cousin and petting a dog.

Momma and me in Titusville, FL

l-r Jim Coffindaffer, Beth Shafer, Sheila Roberson, Arlene Shafer, Ken Shafer, & Barbara Coffindaffer.

l-r Duane E. Hood Jr, Jani Perry, Arlene Shafer, & Tiffany Lynne 

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