Friday, March 11, 2016

My furry family...

...was kicked outside and I was told that they have to go. Been typing my fingers off, loading their stats up on my adoption sites. Most of the animals that I consider family are bonded to me, and me to them. What I am going through right now is mental anguish. My heart is breaking and that is so dangerous for a suicidal person, not that I have given it too much thought, but yes it has crossed my mind, can't help it - that is why they call it a disease. It is times like these that my back is up against the wall and I feel cake ebbing up in my throat. I want to pasta out but that will not serve any flour.

I must strive to be the best person I can be, I must conserve my energy for the very near future when I need it to help me on my new adventure. When my beloved furry friends and I are safe and sound in our own home will be a blessing and that day can't come too soon!

Due to a prophetic dream before I even came down to Georgia (which is running a very close parallel), I knew the road was split and it was the middle of our country for which the interstate was headed. In the dream my mother was driving again and we were in the grey cutlass with Jani riding along. We had left main land and then we were off that interstate for a while and we stopped near the water under the interstate/bridge. A pontoon type boat that held air. For which I boldly sunk the blade into the vessel and released its air. The air came out so fast that it blew my hair back, I could feel Jani off to the side - more like she was witness to these events only. There was another woman there, bout my mom's age - might of been her, in the background trying to make sure things ran smoothly.

I was visiting my sister in her new place, there were those small lap pools to the right outside her back door. There was a cat running towards the water (dark waters with a light little wave gently slapping the bank/shore), I grabbed cat's the tail and it caused serious harm to the cat, I may of pulled it completely out trying to stop it from running into the water. Walked in to my sister's home from the back and followed her to the kitchen. There were baby clothes all over the place, in different bundles by age, gender, style, etc. 

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