Thursday, April 7, 2016

Epiphany Me This

Through the ringer doesn't even touch base with how I feel mentally and physically. My poor damaged brain just can not jump from one topic to another without hesitation, not wanting ideas to come out hither dither and incomplete - I soak up all information and process it in my own sweet time. Rarely will I spit out anything before I have had a chance to chew on it.

I go inside myself, I calm the raging fire in my heart, I try my best to understand others. They operate on a different frequency than I. Everyone has there exact own frequency and a lot of people share a common vibe, and on a more stellar level we all share a frequency or two.

The choices I have made for myself are for my own reasons and I do not have to justify myself to anyone else - not the government, not friends, not family, not god/goddess. It is an internal feather that I weigh my worth and estimate my shortcomings.

Wild Bill, Red Dawg, and sweet lil Kim taught me many years ago that the true secret of our lives was our ability to look ourselves in the face every morning (mirror), and be able to live with who we see. All of my spiritual lessons have taught me to be kind, to love, to not hate, to be the change I wish to see in others. I do that to the best of my ability. I am always upping the ability.

I do have a purpose, I do have an agenda, I do have a destiny (we all do), I choose to make it about something other than myself - release of the ego finds me elevated above the forest and able to guide - those who listen like I to the divine nature of us all.

Peace, love, and always be kind!

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