Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hay thats soil too!

So many ideas from YouTube, there shouldn't be anything one can't attempt if they just search YouTube on the subject or stumble across a video that is interesting, and that is the case with my raised garden beds.

The ground here is too low - absolutely no way to have a well draining garden in this clay that floods every time it rains. So I was going with raised garden beds out of used pallets - only problem there is that my funds were shrinking - not expanding, and for the life of me I couldn't squeeze out an extra $100.00 for the reciprocating saw that I needed to do this project, so I used the pallets for different odd projects around the place and went in a completely different way about this - don't get stumped - find another way - when the brain is working in a well functioning phase -  that is entirely doable, but when the brain is having foggy days I can't tell up from down much less figure out to tie shoes or come up with brilliant ideas.

Hit a couple of bumps in this project too - the microbial inoculant I was suppose to use to heat up the seeds and 'burn up' the hay - didn't happen, purchased some at the local feed store - was 5 years out of date, a hardware store told me it just doesn't sell - so they don't stock it and likely no one else would - when I mentioned that I did purchase some it hit me that it was 5 years out of date - so he could very well have a solid point there. While talking to the man I realized that it needed to 'heat up', I decided to put organic fertilizer on the bale and cover it with a black plastic tarp for a couple of days - what I got was a mess, the fertilizer mildewed and though the end result was the same - I removed all the moldy hay\straw and when I was done I had my trough dug out. Filled the hole 1\2 the way up and added some organic fertilizer then topped off with soil.

Put Bland Farm Sweet Onions all the way around the outer perimeter - natural insect repellant and I love onions! Hid some Morning Glories on the back side so they don't get cooked by too much Sun and I placed some Cucumber plants on one half of the center growing space. Have to do some research and find out what compliments the plants I have growing now - everybody might as well and accept the onions - they are going in every bale concoction I do this year. This is the first one, there will be more - how many I don't know at this point, but I have to grow enough to feed myself this summer and hopefully have some to can for the winter.

2 bales of straw tied together and center removed.

Morning Glory to wrap around bale to attract butterflies, etc.

Cucumber - a vine apparatus will be constructed for the center where these plants are.
Earlier this year I started several organic potato plants growing from the eyes of my supper, several of them made it to the below potting stage when we had some really hard rain and very cold temps - lost all but two. They remaining ones are looking very good - here's hoping they are exceptional producers, they will be getting their own double bale raised garden bed pretty soon.

Organic Potato Plant and self watering device (recycled bottle).
 When you want to entice the local fluttering community to stop by and smell your flowers (in this case vegetable flowers), you must give them something they will remember (so they keep coming back). My garden will consist of many local flowering plants and some of my favorites - it will take me some time to get everything growing and I will try my best to protect the young plants against natural forces.

When things get bad you better know something to get you through them times. I predict difficulties, not having to look into any crystal ball for that one... Was in the process of signing up for Food Stamps, but I can do this, I can grow my own food and I can make it and I will - there are others out there that have small children, hell children period and they need the help more than me. Have faith in the Universe that all will be well. Keep my chin up, things get better - back straight - because I can't stand a slacker. I am absolutely everything I need to make it and then some.

When everything is stripped away you better be sure you are ready to stand butt arse naked and hold no shame.

Morning Glories
Ipomoea tricolor

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